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  1. ... stupid drivers!
  2. The Beckett Message Boards
  3. Appropriateness of Posts Here
  4. Traders Unreasonable Demands...
  5. Canada Post and Ebay Twits
  6. ...the H.I. banner
  7. ....short printed cards that NEVER show up on the secondary market
  8. The Family Coalition Party of Ontario
  9. Small vent about "that other forum"
  10. abuse of my leniency
  11. Idiot neighbours!
  12. ...False Advertising on ebay!
  13. Idiot buyers on eBay...
  14. Beckett Online Price Guide
  15. Black-hat hackers.....
  16. People that Post Blurry Photos or scans!
  17. Paypal Dispute Process...Not What You Think!
  18. People who feign ignorance when trying to get away with something
  19. The "Bad Drivers" beef thread going missing - so here it goes again!!
  20. Buying and selling
  21. I have a beef with thieves!
  22. Good GOD do I hate the "new look" of ebay
  23. Ebay seller charged $9.50 Xpresspost but sent regular $2
  24. How the price guide, we all use, doesn't list Canuck cards
  25. eBay seller charging registered shipping
  26. people who dont answer pm's
  27. Responding to Threads Part 2
  28. That Other Site~
  29. Excuses People use not to give a bonus
  30. E-Bay Seller Driving you Nuts with Prices?
  31. People Who dont leave feedback
  32. UD Baffles Me Again (As if I thought it couldnt be done!)
  33. When people take your signature banners
  34. UD...Stop Giving Beckett your LOADED BOXES.
  35. .........07/08 Spgu
  36. must we live by ebay prices
  37. Idiots that have a disregard for the law.
  38. the hockey board
  39. UD and their Mini Jersey set....
  40. London/English hotels
  41. The price for oil now at $132 a barrel
  42. ...people who charge for mandatory Priority Mail within the US borders
  43. Toymakers....
  44. Uncommunicative sellers.
  45. ....kidney stones!
  46. People Who Post MAKE OFFER or Nothing At All
  47. The sun and the broken air conditioner unit at work
  48. Spammy eBay sellers...
  49. Getty Images
  50. U-Haul
  51. I hate Nintendo Wii!!!
  52. Friggin $$$$ PAYPAL
  53. Prank Callers
  54. United States Postal Service ahhhhhh SUCKS !!!
  55. Gang scans in the Bucket......
  56. Idiots...
  57. ......... the State of the Hobby
  58. people who end ebay items early....
  59. People who claim amazing pulls
  60. Know it all Fairweather fans
  61. People who don't check their blindspots....
  62. People who make 1 shipment into 2
  63. Arbitrary Rules of Condominiums
  64. Reserve not met...
  65. People who wont return PMs
  66. 6 packs!!
  67. Delusional fans
  68. this site...
  69. box break threads that are just spam to direct to auctions
  70. People who list things on EBay at RIDICULOUS Prices!!!
  71. An ebay practice that ******me-of*
  72. Getting blocked on Ebay because....
  73. Lazy eBay Sellers that Plagiarize
  74. Screen names that go "FAVTEAMYEARS"
  75. Sellers who don't list shipping costs
  76. People who Say..You shouldn't have mentioned that or said that...."
  77. I'm sure that all of the new refugees will make this a better place....
  78. The post office
  79. August 13th eBay Canada 5 cent listing day.
  80. The idiots in Dell's Customer Dis-Service and Tech Support!!!!
  81. People who can't, won't or don't..... READ.
  82. ppl who complain about gas and time when making trades/sales
  83. Friggin Water Heaters
  84. Frivolous 9-1-1 calls by cell users...
  85. people who won't trade because they "need the cash"
  86. eBay sellers who auto decline "Best Offers"...
  87. Ebay member 308708
  88. People who don't delete pictures of cards that are gone!
  89. People who don't let you know when their end of a deal arrives
  90. People Who Say They Want To Trade, But Have Extremely Limited Want Lists
  91. The Weather Network
  92. Video Box Breaks...
  93. Beef about those who want to trade and then have nothing to offer
  94. I have X amount of Paypal for the best card or lot out there....
  95. Jerseys labeled 3 colour...
  96. Trolls 'n Bashers
  97. Bad drivers
  98. who has the worst auto threads.............
  99. The CBC
  100. ...Cut autos of people who are alive!!!!
  101. My stupid brother
  102. Canada Post/USPS
  103. People who say...
  104. Finding a card I own pictured in an ebay auction.
  105. This is a first.....
  106. People who drive the wrong way in a parking lot...
  107. The point system used to measure card thickness...
  108. While on topic of driving!
  109. Top 10 most annoying thread responses/PMs!
  110. Women drivers
  111. eBay high dollar cards in group pics
  112. Ebay buyers who send personal cheques...
  113. People who can't spell
  114. the "I have $100 paypal, wow me" threads...
  115. 24 hour trade posts
  116. WTB, I have Paypal
  117. Everyone who eats at restaurants - read this.
  118. Ebay auto decline offer
  119. eBay sellers...retail/hobby
  120. Bandwagon collectors
  121. " I only want the "shiny"glittery.".."
  122. I want to buy, but im not paying EBay prices......
  123. feedback left
  124. What are your at-work peeves?
  125. Package cost.
  126. The NHL Schedule Makers - ???
  127. The Cold Hard Truth
  128. For everyone who shops at a grocery store.....
  129. collectors who don't respond to PMs.
  130. My Rant of the Week
  131. ...barely literate, insult-laden rants.
  132. StubHub
  133. Some fantasy hockey players...
  134. "Left Arm...meet the Right Arm....--Oh we have a Right Arm?"
  135. My computer
  136. The little "remember me" option when signing in....
  137. Rip Off Artists
  138. "Shoot the D**N Puck already......"
  139. Really weak thread titles, especially in show and tell
  140. Ebay sellers that give out freebies and expect it to be noted on feedback.
  141. Putting pics in trading or show n tell without listing players in them
  142. PM boxes
  143. New members
  144. who speak for others in posts for no good reason
  145. people who don't paragraph their posts
  146. People Who Back Out of Trades
  147. Annoying people on Ebay....
  148. Starbucks worldwide!
  149. Christmas Music in November
  150. Axl Rose!!!
  151. Mcdonald's Cards and Card Collectors!
  152. Injuries In My Hockey Pool!
  153. Stupid trading terms and acronyms
  154. Taco Bell!
  155. eBay Search Beef!
  156. Upper Deck and their @#$^#^& cardboard!
  157. The extreme bias towards "Pitbulls".
  158. Obnoxious co-workers spreading germs
  159. Myself !!!
  160. ...Turkey Day...
  161. "Political correctness"
  162. People who gouge on shipping...
  163. David Frost
  164. Traders who Ask & Ignore...
  165. "No one likes you" comments in threads
  166. Buyers on ebay leaving bad ratings because they are uninformed and won't ask for info
  167. _____________ idiots like this
  168. People in general
  169. "For sale" Check my photobucket or trade page
  170. With Beef
  171. Ebay shilling/cheating
  172. not being able to find a Wii console..
  173. Me and Ebay fees
  174. Does anyone even bother to...?
  175. People that type like....
  176. .. the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation
  177. People who back out of sales..
  178. The freaking Post Office.
  179. People who don't return PM's...
  180. people who screw me over. a "friend"
  181. ...Lake Effect Snow
  182. People and businesses that don't shovel their sidewalks / walk ways
  183. Sites that harbor known scammers.
  184. Venting about Customers not wanting to resolve issues before escalating paypal claims
  185. People that ask for things that are NFT and 500 bucket sections
  186. "Iron Chef America"
  187. Cmb Lmk
  188. people who dont know the value of their cards!
  189. The high and mighty..
  190. I am so sick of everyone nickel and diming EVERY trade.
  191. Freakin Bagel People At Tim Hortons
  192. people who end auctions early
  193. People who think UD owes them...
  194. Snow
  195. Incoherent Posts
  196. Aggressive panhandlers, Daily free newspapers, umbrellas and bad drivers
  197. People Who Lie to Extort More from Player Collectors
  198. People TELLING me to write up trade posts
  199. With my Post Office!!!!!!!!!!!
  200. I hate...
  201. Entertainment Tonight / Inside Edition
  202. USA/Canada exchange rate.
  203. people that do not reply to pms!
  204. ...bitter cold weather.
  205. This one might just be me..
  206. Software vendors
  207. Steve Stamkos's auto
  208. Sideways scans, upside down scans
  209. Sick of the sayin CMB
  210. Ignorant Postal Worker!!!
  211. So called "Subject matter experts"
  212. Time for a change here Mods..AKA I hate it when..
  213. ebay listings
  214. ...people who use apostrophes to create a plural form.
  215. It drives me nuts..
  216. People who trade cards after agreeing to deal!
  217. Will eBayers ever be content with shipping charges?
  218. ...My OCD!
  219. Someone offers a sale...
  220. Upper Deck and the St.Louis Blues
  221. Photobucket and IE
  222. Trade threads where entire buckets are posted
  223. ...Buy/Sell Threads being Hijacked!
  224. Angry, Bitter People Who Try to Crap on Your Dreams
  225. Idiot Doctors!
  226. Misplacing Important Things
  227. ...Updates for Video Game Consoles!
  228. Steven A. Smith!!
  229. Un-informed eBay sellers that think they are informed...
  230. One color, low numbered patches
  231. Pills.
  232. Drivers Running Red Lights..
  233. People who take advantage of HI generosity
  234. Snotty Responses
  235. Meigray............
  236. Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper
  237. Custom Forms!!
  238. Black Ice
  239. Slumdog Millionaire...
  240. eBay and their heartfelt "Dear Seller" email....
  241. Penalized for being honest?
  242. People who won't take no for an answer...
  243. Eastern Time Zone
  244. Users who correct other people's spelling.
  245. Hostage Takers
  246. Ignorant Air Borne Parents
  247. eBay big text
  248. Cocky Ebay Sellers
  249. My hard earned job being GIVEN to an immigrant
  250. ebay bummer