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  1. NPN Addresses!
  2. NPNs Recieved!
  3. Anyone selling GU'd and/or Auto's @15-20% BV
  4. WTB: 100 THICK Screwdowns!
  5. Supplies Help
  6. Need an answer please
  7. How Much Money Did You Drop on Cards in '04?
  8. just about there--100
  9. A Look Back at 2004- Your Collection
  10. Football magazines
  11. Bought About 40,000 Cards Today
  12. Your Collecting Goals for 2005
  13. A Big Thanks To KJ
  14. opinions needed....Please help...
  15. Your Main Annoyance Regarding the Hobby?
  16. Website question
  17. McFarlane's FT/FS Rodriguez/Burrell/LeBron James/Priest Holmes
  18. Need info on Card Shows
  19. Your Top 10 Cards for 2005
  20. Question about grading
  21. Thanks to Clemens9
  22. This is why I'm getting a prenup if I marry...
  23. HUGE MAILDAY!!!!! 10 mailers!!! live break!
  24. Brand New Steelers Fitted Hat FS!
  25. Card Show Report, ****ty Breaks and some Fun Pickups!
  26. The SF Tri-Star show Feb.18
  27. Selling #000 bubble mailers
  28. Tips when sending in redemptions.
  29. Dropping my Burks collection- what do you think?
  30. Buying $240 Worth Of NBA Hobby Box's, What To Buy?
  31. Need your input for Sports Card Toolbar
  32. Fleer Certifies this as a Pujols auto, it's A Weeks!!!
  33. Upper Deck Website
  34. eBay Auction $0.05 Listing Day - 02/14/05
  35. Anyone do any deals with *jambalaya* on eBay?
  36. attn: player collectors & team collectors
  37. any web wizards out there?
  38. eBay Fixed Price Discount Day - 03/02/2005
  39. Gotta love ebay sometimes
  40. Should I bother sending these back
  41. Back from Show, TONS of new stuff!
  42. Post your funny sports photos
  43. Very nice pull.
  44. Cost of Shipping to the Czech Rep
  45. Post your favorite & best cards in your player collection!
  46. udreward insert cards
  47. Near Phila?
  48. If I wasnt so lazy, id get EVERY person who does this on ebay cancelled!
  49. this guy has luck
  50. question regarding player collections
  51. For Those Doing Yahoo March Madness Pick-em Brackets..
  52. Anyone heard of this?
  53. 5000th Post Giveaway!!
  54. Player Collector Lists
  55. Makes me sick to my stomach.....
  56. Really Cool Article
  57. The Rest of My Personal Collection [Listed for the first time]
  58. For those you already posted on this thread--look
  59. Rate my Baseball HOF Game Used/Autograph/ Collection please!
  60. Colorado - Sports Card Show April 8th-10th
  61. Umm yea this is a VERY freaky auction!!!!!!
  62. Wonder how much my baseball is worth :)
  63. WOW sweet auction
  64. How Many Of You Have Gone An Bought A Hobby Box Of Fleer.....and Got Robbed!
  65. Rate My Lions Collection
  66. How am I coming on my Champ Bailey Collection! VOTE!
  67. I Have a Question About Through the Mail Auto's
  68. Hobby Insider Talk Show edition of Grizzly Sports Weekly
  69. anyone going to the National July 27-31
  70. 1996 Fleer Metal Question
  71. Where would cards be without...........
  72. new to npn..whats the deal
  73. Another unreleased snipe for the collection.
  74. Fleer Going Out of Business?
  75. I Was Thinking About Getting Some Auction Software?
  76. Game Used baseball fans.
  77. I need all members to take a................
  78. Kerry Kittles Fans Across The Globe...
  79. Some new news on fleer
  80. Still trying to sell everything
  81. Need some Beckett OPG Info
  82. Google to introduce paypal rival service
  83. Bypassing Bankruptcy Court Will Speed Up Fleer Liquidation
  84. Athletes owed thousands from Fleer
  85. LOL new meaning to 1/1
  86. WARNING!!! Stay away!
  87. Fleer on the auction block
  88. Upperdeck buys Fleer
  89. Press release from UD regarding Fleer purchase
  90. Is there anyone anymore who doesnt have a 1/1
  91. The 26th National Sports Collectors Convention (Info Needed)
  92. Since most of this forum is anti-keyword spamming, I had to...
  93. Counterfeits in Gem holders
  94. Does Anyone Live In Dallas, TX?!? May need your help BADLY!!!
  95. Sports Collector Toolbar for sale. (IE)
  96. sportcard shop in Santa Clara, CA 95054
  97. Funny Auction.
  98. I've refined my collecting interests... (multi-sport)
  99. i didnt know where to make this post, but i have a question for an administrator...
  100. Upper Deck Customer Service Question
  101. what site sells the cheapest boxes
  102. new canada post policy?
  103. Ebays worst autions
  104. Is the card industry folding?
  105. Should I use this as my image tag?
  106. THIS IRRITATES ME!!! Rant!
  107. george washington/T Jefferson 1/1 auto
  108. The #1/1 Prize of the Day!
  109. Inside the Hobby
  110. E-bay codes
  111. Topps Baseball Boxes Wanted for Katrina Survivor
  112. Katrina Survivor Help UPDATE
  113. Pack Searchers.........................
  114. MY Turn for a UD Rant
  115. Bobby Douglass Bears QB Interview forthcoming
  116. Time for HI to step up its presence in the hobby
  117. Extreme collecting - trifecta style!
  118. question - player checklists
  119. Some reasons why HI is one of the best on the web..
  120. help...ebay question
  121. Let me ask you guys something
  122. Talk about a BLOW OUT!
  123. Ebay coupon codes = saving $$$
  124. "THE GAME" ...Ongoing
  125. Updated website
  126. WWE Honors Eddie Guerrero
  127. It's that time again, Christmas Gift Exchange time
  128. Cool Mavs Video
  129. Card in Area 51
  130. Hobby Insider's Version of Around The Horn
  131. what is the longest you have
  132. Gotta love Beckett
  133. Does Anyone Have A Beckett Graded Encyclopedia? I think?
  134. With 2005 coming to an end..........
  135. FRITZ and HI banners!!!
  136. Wonder what this dealer will do when he don't get product he is pre-selling
  137. Judge approves plan for fleer redemptions
  138. Upper Deck Customer Service
  139. I want to try to make 5 deals today--ALL SPORTS
  140. Where is the best place to get 8X10's
  141. 10 Cent Listing Day Tomorrow
  142. Did you complete your Collecting Goals for 2005?
  143. new project
  144. Fellow HI members, if youve got my back please look!
  145. Found this alert on Ebay
  146. Fleer Bankruptcy Auction cards
  147. Finally mailed some cards off to get authenticated.
  148. Any New Paypal Codes?
  149. Should I Buy...
  150. Question about Upper Deck Savings Cards
  151. For all MMA/UFC Fans...
  152. Oh well... it came today....
  153. Anyone have a new tuff Stuff?
  154. These going out to BGS today.
  155. SGC/JSA results
  156. Upper Deck/Fed Ex horror story
  157. Another reason why HI is a friendly atmosphere
  158. The seller must have been bored
  159. Spring Training
  160. BGS Results
  161. Anyone know about these?????
  162. Quality control must have been getting bad at Fleer.
  163. Has anyone received anything from the fleer redemp program
  164. Why is there so little use of the HI basketball section
  165. For those expecting redemption compensation from the company which bought out fleer..
  166. Whats the Worst auto ever seen or pulled
  167. Official Post Your Fleer Redemptions Thread!
  168. I wonder how much more UD is fake
  169. Kimmie Meissner - Sasha Cohen
  170. Open at home, or in the store???
  171. Best pull Ever
  172. Montreal and Quebec Shops?
  173. Nit
  174. Certified auto's with stickers?
  175. player checklist
  176. Instead of hurling rocks, bottles and insults!
  177. Steals of all sports!
  178. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! Topps screwed me on my redemptions!
  179. Trading Tips?
  180. UD Code Webpage?
  181. Looking to Deal with New HI Members
  182. Talk about quality control....
  183. Another deceitful eBay seller
  184. Did anyone notice that Upper Deck..........
  185. I Want To Trade
  186. Fleer Redemption Replacement
  187. Bgs Grading Results!
  188. Best Place to Buy Bubbles
  189. Are Topps and Donruss any better than UD with customer service?
  190. Seller Special - 10 cent Insertion Fees, One Day Only!
  191. Shows?
  192. A bad ebay purchase with a happy ending!
  193. Unreleased card area
  194. Talk about greedy
  195. PAYPAL SCAM....they are getting better
  196. Stupid Question #1 :)
  197. What is the better choice in this trade?
  198. Gretzky and Tocchet may sue
  199. Paypal claim question
  200. Hobby Opinions and Stories!!
  201. It's about .... time!
  202. Excel Spreadsheets
  203. I pulled this dual auto.......
  204. Does the CFL have a drug policy
  205. Player List Help.
  206. eBay Seller to Avoid: funthingsonline
  207. Adam Morrison on ESPN
  208. WIzard of Oz.
  209. Buying packs/boxes
  210. Does anyone collect models (airplanes?) you have to see this. Need help asap.
  211. Stupid Question???
  212. Buyer Beware.
  213. Upper Deck has lost thier touch!
  214. Little League Baseball Donations
  215. Who wants commons?
  216. Please Read Guys!!!!!!
  217. Creating a Trade Page
  218. Ticket Stubs!!
  219. Something wrong with this picture.
  220. Another amusing eBay auction
  221. SGC/JSA slabs now comes with advertisements INSIDE the slab...
  222. Whos going to the National
  223. eBay Store Fees: Going WAY Up!
  224. What card project are you currently working on?
  225. Hey guys
  226. Why do you collect?
  227. Great Sportscard article
  228. Card Supplies and Sites
  229. New Canada Post Rates
  230. What do you do when you are not doing cards?
  231. Paypal sites
  232. Anyone interested in back issues of SI,Beckett CSC
  233. Look at these nice cards for sale
  234. Show in Cincy (Sharonville) this Sunday....
  235. EC National in Westchester NY
  236. Sportscard Hobby
  237. Gotta love shredder time!
  238. Where do you go to find Paypal Saving Codes?
  239. A tale of Redemption...in 2 senses of the word.
  240. I Know It's A Little Late But...
  241. PSA Population Reports
  242. Pay It Forward...please Read
  243. Anyone interested in GRADED Cards?
  244. Plain White Envelope disaster!
  245. Cardboard News is Live!
  246. ANOTHER Horror Story - What would you expect from the seller?
  247. Web Germs
  248. Beware of fake #1/1 Bettis Patch
  249. Blaster Boxes
  250. Ud-redemptions Ughz!!